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Karmic Crossing and update on important Astrological movements and So From now until March, Uranus is in Aries, to boost and birth us.
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During this year-long programme, which unfolds in rhythm with the seasons and the passage of the Sun through the zodiac signs, you will have the opportunity to consider and review your life from twelve different perspectives. Over twelve weekends, you will get to experience your life as a wheel, whole and complete, with its twelve essential dimensions, each of which require your mindful attention in order for you to gain personal mastery of your life.

A healthy wheel is a turning wheel, and through the programme, you will learn to see in which areas of life, and through which perspectives your personal wheel is getting stuck. During the course you will develop an intimate relationship with your own astrological chart, experiencing the symbols of astrology in an experiential way.

You will learn about each sign, each planet, and each house of the horoscope, as they relate directly to your own life. And you will gain powerful insight into how to work with these symbols in a way that can greatly enhance your life experience.

When is Mercury Retrograde?

You will need to provide your birth details — date, time if known and place of birth — so that your birth chart can be drawn up. Guided by Anthony Thorley and John Wadsworth. Experience the healing power of the astrological wheel as we pilgrimage through the seasonal year exploring the mysteries of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and walking the sacred landscape of The Glastonbury Zodiac. This comprises a circle of giant landscape effigies soaked in history and legend and mapped out subtly in the rivers, contours and ancient trackways of the Somerset countryside.

Each weekend of the journey you will encounter mythical tales from ancient cultures, local legends, and meaningful symbols and motifs that constellate around each sign. And then we will guide you safely and poetically through the twelve portals of this extraordinary landscape star temple, and so by walking the landscape of each zodiacal effigy, you will be drawn deeper into the alchemical power of the signs and come to see this potential expressed in your own life. Those with a birthday on March 26 would be well suited for the corporate world. Regardless of your particular role, you will do well in the corporate world.

Love Is In The Stars: Zodiac Sign Soulmates - TheNetline

Anybody can do that. You can train an ant to do that. In other words, the leader only needs to tell you what you need to do and you will make sure that it gets done. If you repeat this many times and you learn what you need to learn, eventually, you become the leader yourself.

In many cases, you have to sacrifice a lot to get to the top. Fortunately or unfortunately, people born on March 26 are ready, willing and eager to make the right sacrifices. You are a very driven person. Regardless of how bleak or intimidating the challenge in front of you may seem, you always find a way to remain enthusiastic and optimistic. They find it in them to attack the side when the front door is locked. They find it in them to do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve ultimate victory.

You are a very optimistic person because you believe that regardless of what other people have, you can have it too.

This makes you easily the most self-sufficient and self-confident person in any room you find yourself in. You have to remember that in life, there are certain things that are non-negotiable. There are many types of friendships and relationships that have completely zero monetary value.

When it comes to worldly success, they are completely worthless, but you still have to have them.

Your Horoscope for the Week of March 26

Unfortunately, Aries people born on March 26 can often get so set in their ways that they would turn a blind eye to this reality. At the end of the process, they end up being the biggest losers. You would just keep forward until you get to one level and then you keep pushing forward again to get to the next level. To say that you go through many different sets of friends in a single lifetime would be an understatement.

Mars is a red planet because of the huge amount of iron ore on its surface. Iron is an interesting material. It can be very strong if it has gone through a lot of heat, fire and stress.

19 Fun Birthday Facts About March 26, You Must Know

On the other hand, it is very weak if it remains unchallenged and its potential remains untapped. If you get a piece of iron and you just leave it out there on a yard somewhere, it rusts and it turns red.

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Keep pushing forward, learn from your mistakes, and do yourself a big favor and be more open minded.